The Interview Process

Interviews are normally held between November and June to meet the 40 day DFE timescale for providers to process applications. Places are offered throughout the year so applications will close for individual subjects only once they are fully recruited.

Candidates invited to interview are required to bring a number of documents with them. We know from previous experience that some of these can be difficult to lay your hands on. Therefore please prepare for your possible interview by preparing to provide the following list of paperwork that you will be required to present at interview:


Interview and Selection

A rigorous selection and interview process is undertaken so that only candidates with excellent subject knowledge and aptitude for teaching enter the programme. Interviews take place at the LWA ITT centre, Lampton School The interview process is designed to assess suitability to teach and will focus on the applicant’s:

  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Potential to teach and understanding of a teacher’s role
  • Subject knowledge
  • Personal, organisational and transferrable skills

The Assessment Day

The assessment day consists of the following:

    • A short teaching activity with pupils focused on clear communication and potential to teach
    • Written reflection on teaching task
    • Reading task with a written response
    • A group activity focussed on communication and listening skills and the candidates’ vision and values about teaching
    • A panel interview
    • Confirmation of identity and qualifications
    • The opportunity to identify development needs
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